DeFi Security

Full-stack web3 security services delivered by top-tier ethical hackers with a focus on the real financial impact


We provide security audit services of any complexity ranging from the cryptographic protocol audit to bridge API penetration testing.

Smart Contract Security Audit

Smart Contract Audit

Security audit of the Ethereum Solidity smart contracts or Solana programs or any kind of a dApp

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DeFi Whitepaper Verification

Whitepaper Verification

Validation of the mathematical tokenomics models proposed in the whitepaper

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DeFi Security Audit

Vulnerability Management

Penetration testing and security assessment of the applications and infrastructure

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Case Studies

We've successfully completed dozens of complex audits.
Here're the reports for some of them.

Our team joint with partners placed 2nd in the most respected smart contract security audit competition — Paradigm CTF 2022.

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Security audit of the Yearn Finance no-hedge joint strategy helped to ensure the validity of the yield farming strategy logic and the security of the implementation.

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Security audit of the GIVEth smart contracts led to discovery of a critical vulnerability in another protocol and remediation of the associated risk.

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We contribute to the Web3 security by creating the tools that help to automate the security audit.

Semgrep Solidity Rules

Semgrep rules that will help you to find the typical vulnerable patterns in the smart contract code.


Contract Diff

Smart diff tool that helps you to understand which code the protocol has been forked from and what exactly has been changed.


ABI Decompiler

Reverse Engineering tool that helps you to efficiently match the function selectors in the EVM bytecode to the function signatures.


Why Decurity?

We are a team of veteran hackers who dived into the blockchain and smart contract security in the early days. Under our supervision, an audit is not just a filing of the checklist but rather a full-fledged research.

  • Multiple world CTF hacking champions
  • Top-50 hackers worldwide according to HackerOne
  • Discovered critical issues during 90% of engagements
  • Blockchain security experts with proven record since 2017

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